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Unbeatable Operating Procedures  

We do not pretend that the requisite procedures for such major works will be noiseless, nor do we promise that there will be no inconvenience or disruption. Be assured that we will work with the utmost care and diligence to keep it minimal. Respecting  your property and privacy is a top priority.
All construction materials for loft conversions will be brought up by crane and via the scaffolding. In the case of other types of extensions or conversions, suitable side or rear accesses will be used. In the event that it becomes necessary to come through your house, we will lay protective dust sheets.

Recent changes in legislation have placed the responsibility on property owners to ensure that all their building waste is disposed of legally.  Unbeatable Lofts & Extensions is registered with the Environment Agency to transport controlled waste. All undertaken disposals of debris from your premises will always be deposited at approved landfill sites/waste centres, giving you complete peace of mind.   

All undertaken projects are carried out from start to finish without interruption.  In order to minimise inconvenience for you, we will not arrive earlier than 9am and will leave by 6pm on each and every working day.


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