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Types of Loft Conversions  

There are five types of Loft Conversions as follows (click on a name to see examples or go to the gallery page):

Rear Dormer
Hip Gable
Side Dormer – Front Dormer

Velux type Loft Conversions leave the roof line uninterrupted, whilst a Loft Room is created in the existing attic space. Such Loft Conversions are favoured for Victorian houses and mostly used where planning permission is required.

Usually rear wall constructions consist of a 72 degree inward slope and the window is housed in a small dormer right below the flat roof. Most often mansard Loft Conversions appear in conservation areas or where planning permission is essential.

Rear Dormer
Rear dormer Loft Conversions are most often built in terraced and semi detached houses and are those with a square end and a  flat roof.  Such conversions maximise the space and height with a substantial difference from all other loft conversions, offering you greater potential for accommodation. On many occasions planning permission is not required.

Hip Gable
Hip Gable Loft Conversions are required to change the side roof slope of your house to usually a breeze block or flank flat gable end. Most often, such conversions produce the ultimate in space, whilst simplifying the staircase access and in many cases, planning permission is not required.

Side Dormer/Front Dormer
Keeping within your property and naturally of smaller dormer constructions, usually side and/or front constructions are built where planning permission is required.

Loft Conversion Process
Transforming your unused attic space into stylish living accommodation is a complex procedure, beginning with the actual design and construction of your loft, at the same time submitting the appropriate documentation to the local authority and in some cases, applying for planning permission.

Approval before construction for some conversions & extensions maybe required and each project will be checked at each and every step of the way to ensure compliance.

When instructing us to undertake your project, we will take care of all the above, making matters simple all around for you.
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