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Whilst every project differs, all are subject to the local authority regulations and procedures.  Our Clients will be able to remain in their houses throughout the entire works and we will be only too happy to organise schedules to suit you best.

Each and every stage of building works will proceed after full consultation with our Clients, to ensure that your Loft Conversion or Extension is to your liking, whilst strictly complying with all Local Authority Building Regulations and architectural specifications.

At all times, you may express your wishes/concerns to any member of our staff, or you may prefer to contact us on 020 8543 9299 and we will respond to you immediately.

We will talk through your project in detail, offering you unrivalled advice to help you make the best choices for your project/s.  
Feel free to contact one or more of our past client/s who were once in the same position as you may be right now. Please call for all you need 020 8543 9299.

After preliminary discussions have been satisfactorily concluded, an agreement will be sent to you to read through and once you are happy with the same, it will then be countersigned, at which stage a deposit will be required.

On receipt of the deposit, we will contact your neighbours, giving them one month’s notice of the proposed project and any party wall activity, asking them to contact us if they have any concerns.

Our architects will then arrange a mutually convenient time to survey your property in order to produce all appropriate drawings and structural calculations relevant to your chosen project.

These drawings will be forwarded to you to sign, if you are happy with the same, before we submit a copy to the local authority on your behalf. At this stage, we will be ready to commence works and will need to meet with you once again to run through the practical aspects of the work schedules to minimise inconvenience for you.

Once a timescale has been agreed and not having received any objections from your neighbours within the statutory notice period, the scaffolding will be erected. Equipment, materials and all essentials will be delivered and transferred to the loft via the scaffolding. Loft Conversions and Extensions are usually completed within 8 – 12 weeks. There are occasions when a project can be finalised earlier or later, depending on its individual nature. Whilst we do understand the importance of meeting deadlines, our emphasis is always on quality and this will prevail at all times. The highest possible standard is of the greatest importance and that is where our reputation has been built. After all, “your satisfaction is our success”.
We will arrange a Part P electrical certificate (confirmation of conformity to British Standards)  and we will arrange all necessary prior inspections including that of the local authority building surveyor prior to him issuing your completion certificate, which will be sent to you directly by the local authority.

A FENSA certificate for any double glazing we have undertaken will be forwarded to you directly by FENSA and it is usually up to 12 weeks before you receive the same. 

We will also forward to you our full 10 Year Guarantee for your new Loft Conversion or Extension.
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