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Q. What experience does Unbeatable Lofts & Extensions have?
A. Through many years of building work we have developed highly professional skills within the industry and profess to be  unbeatable in the loft conversion and extension field, where our name “UNBEATABLE LOFTS & EXTENSIONS” says it all. We provide all services including architects, structural engineers, qualified plumbers and electricians, who will deliver all in accordance with the local authority requirements.  We do not subcontract jobs and we see through to completion each and every loft we convert. We are delighted with the numerous personal recommendations we receive and past clients will be available to provide any references you may wish to obtain.

Q. What about planning permission and building regulations?
A. All Loft Conversions are subject to building regulations and some require planning permission. Our quotations are fully inclusive of preparing plans, submission of all relevant paperwork to your local authority,  serving a Building Notice and liaising on your behalf with the local authority and covering all their fees.

Q. What makes Unbeatable Lofts & Extensions different from other competitors?

A. Experience, Standards, Punctuality, but most importantly, our unparalleled friendly, professional, personal service. Our clear cut information for each and every step of your Unbeatable Loft Conversion/Extension will be at your disposal at all times and we welcome you to express any thoughts you may have concerning your new, exciting project. You will receive a copy of the architects plans, we will keep you informed about the progress of your application to the local authority planning department and indeed, of the date we will commence works.  Unlike many competitors, we do not book jobs too far ahead and when we commence works, we start and finish the same without jumping from job to job. From the time of initial agreement to the time we commence works at your property, it will be a matter of 4-6 weeks. There may be occasions when we may be able to start earlier subject to status and local authority requirements.

Q. How long will a Loft Conversion take?
A. Depending upon the size, type, and personal specifications, i.e., interior works you have chosen, your Unbeatable Loft Conversion can be completed within 6-12 weeks. Unlike other competitors, our policy is a start to finish process without jumping from job to job.

Q. What kind of disruption should we expect?
A. We will keep disruption to the bare minimum. The entire construction will take place from the outside of your house and some dust and noise should be expected.

Q. How long will an Extension take?

A. Extensions can take between 5 and 12 weeks, depending on the type of extension and the scale of the chosen project and will be completed without interruption or delay.

Q. What Guarantees are provided?
A. Unbeatable Lofts & Extensions offers you a unique full 10 Year guarantee. Probably the longest and most comprehensive guarantee available in the UK today.

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